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  North Texas SAS® Users' Group

The North Texas SAS® Users' Group (NoTSUG) brings together professionals of various disciplines connected by the use of SAS in their daily activities. Individuals interested in learning about the latest concepts, trends and technologies in the wonderful world of transforming data into business solutions should join. NoTSUG provides an open environment of information exchange, problem-solving and a forum for enhanced application development in support of the data analysis framework.

Meetings are held quarterly at different locations in North Dallas. Annual membership dues are $20 per year. If you would like to join NoTSUG, please make check payable to "NOTSUG" and send it to the address below. To obtain more details:-
Download the Membership Form
NoTSUG Membership, 2236 Scenic Bluff Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76111

Annual Party

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we will skip the July party.

  • We will plan for a meeting in Sept/Oct with possibly a meeting site; otherwise we will arrange a virtual session going forward.

SAS classes are held during Spring 2018 at Collin College Continuing Education.
Instructor: Marty Wertheim    Download the details

Sponsors. Be a donating sponsor ! The first 15 donations of at least $150.00 will have their organization logo linked to their website.
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